29 Things to be Grateful For

1 Thessalonians 5:18

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

This bible verse emphasizes my need to be grateful and thankful to God in every situation I am in. When my father got sick, my mom was telling me that we were blessed despite the situation our family was in. He became sick when we could afford his treatment and hospitalization. And when he died at the dawn of summer, people told us that his death was still a blessing because God did not let us bear the burden of taking care of him (Although this is something that I regret most, because I would have want to.), his financial needs and especially, never will we see and never will my dad feel the pain that he would have gone through. We were spared by all of this.

Despite the fact that 2017 may have been my least favorite year, it has taught me a lot about being grateful on my most surmount days.

Since 2018 has just started, I wanted begin this years’ first post with thanksgiving and I have listed 29 things (29 as it is being my age, too. ūüėÄ ) that I am grateful for in my life.

1. My Mom. She’s the most understanding yet emotionally exaggerated at times. ūüėÄ But i love her to bits.

2. My Kuya (brother). For being so supportive and loving since we were little.

3. Gino. A reminder that love is a peculiar thing yet fascinating in its own way.

4. My Connect Group (LFOTM). A group that encourages me to grow spiritually.

5. My Friends who I intend to keep, love and pray for.

6. My Churchmates who reminds me that there are people who cares and prays for me.

7. My Neighbors who are also my friends and the free breakfast, lunch and dinner that I get at times.

8. My thoughtful Bosses who keep on giving me favorable schedules.

9. My Work that sustains my living here in Helsinki.

10. My blog that reminds me that I have always something to do, share and improve.

11. Youtube is our hobby that reminds us that there is life after work and helps us improve our God-given talents. And also a way for me and Gino to bond.

12. Philippines. Its culture and people that imprinted my heart and my being.

13. Helsinki and the whole Finland for their unique culture and people and the opportunities it has offered.

14. My strength that wavers yet abounding through Christ.

15. My Youthfulness. Beautiful yet bounded.

16. My Freedom to say, do, feel, and worship.

17. My Adulthood that reminds me that I have to be responsible and mindful.

18. My House where I can cook my food, eat, rest, take a bath and take a dump.

19. My Appearance. A continuous process of acceptance, contentment and being confident.

20. That I am a Woman. Its perks and elegance.

21. The different season that I am experiencing. A reminder to enjoy the now and look forward to tomorrow.

22. My Mosquito Net. A reminder that I am uniquely weird in my own way.

23. The technology. That I am born in this era that makes my daily living a lot easier.

24. My Dreams. Something that makes me want to get up in the morning and move.

25. My experiences that shaped who I am today.

26. My senses. That they are all complete and that I am able to enjoy each of them.

27. Churches in Helsinki that I am attending to to remind me that I am in a country where I can worship God freely.

28. My Dad for his words of wisdom and his character to be proud of and to look up to.

29. God. For being all-knowing and all-loving despite my shortcomings.

How about you? What are the things you are grateful for? I wish to encourage everyone to start the year with thanksgiving instead of bombarding ourselves with resolutions that are sometimes impossible to achieve.

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4 thoughts on “29 Things to be Grateful For

  1. Hi Eunice. Great post. I hope you and your site could continue to be an inspiration.

    I’m not necessarily religious but I appreciated this article. It’s honest, not preachy and the site is a sight for sore eyes.

    I’d love for you to do an inspirational guest post at our little site at

    We could need your little ray of sunshine there.

    1. Thank you for your kind and honest words.

      I would love to, however i’m not really an eloquent writer. But I can try to submit until the end of January for you to review. If it’s ok. ūüôā

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