30 Habits To Start When You’re 30

A few days ago, I turned 30. And just like that, I felt that I stopped being young and I started thinking of becoming a serious adult. In my 20s, I had high expectations and goals that I should reach by the time I turned 30. And now that I am, most of the goals that I planned to achieve are still halfway through. I love creating lists of habits, but I never had been consistent to reach the goal.

My husband told me that, “Self-improvement is a state of mind.” It is not something that we ought to do and stop when we have completed the task. It is something different. It is not simply having the effort or motivation to start it, and neither the joy of completing it. But rather a constant and persistent state of mind of pursuing to succeed beyond your limit and capabilities; to strive to be better than yesterday. Habits are not an accomplishment rather a continuous process of self-improvement even if that improvement is .01%.

I remember telling him, that I will start to do regular exercises because I wanted to become physically fit; and I did. Along the way, I realized I never went beyond what I was capable of. I started with 20 crunches daily for a month but never raised the bar as it became my comfort zone. In a way it made the habit stagnant and self-improvement to a halt. I’m not saying that it is unacceptable, although there is a point and duration in which our being lazy or even fear of failure deter us from seeing what we truly are capable of doing.

It is never too late to start. Whether you are 30 or 40, or even 60, it doesn’t matter as long as you strive to better yourself than you were yesterday. So, I have listed different habits in no particular order that may help you start promote wellness in every aspect of your lives. These habits are mostly self-explanatory.

  1. Exercise
  2. Eat healthy
  3. Meditate
  4. Journal
  5. Walk / Jog Outdoors
  6. Gratitude
  7. Pray
  8. Reading the Bible
  9. Go to Church
  10. Take Multivitamins
  11. Save Money
  12. Smile
  13. Update yourself with current events (Read newspaper / Watch the news)
  14. Regular Medical Check-up
  15. Regular Dental Check-up
  16. Go for a date with your Special someone regularly
  17. Meet friends regularly
  18. Read a book
  19. Drink plenty of water
  20. Make time for a hobby you love
  21. Get enough sleep
  22. Call / meet parents regularly
  23. Say I love you more often to those you love
  24. Speak the truth and be kind
  25. Communicate
  26. Spend some “me time”.
  27. Laugh a lot
  28. Practice a good posture
  29. Learn how to dress well/groom well
  30. Live an eco-friendly lifestyle
Check this link if you want to start an Eco-frienldy lifestyle.

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