Hello! Moi! Hej!

Welcome to Life on A Script! A lifestyle blog focusing on self-improvement, eco-living and motherhood. It is about helping its readers live their best life while being mindful of our actions. And, I am going to be a mom soon, so expect to see more about pregnancy and motherhood.

I am Eunice, author and creator of Life On A Script. A Filipina currently living in Finland. I am nurse by profession but an adventurer by heart. I speak a few languages and love to travel. Outdoor activities are my thing yet I can be as introvert as I want myself to be.

I am a follower of Jesus and a firm believer that a genuine relationship with Him is the most important aspect in life because He is the common denominator to everything.


2015 a year that most of us would perceive as insignificant, yet in my own bubble of life  it turned out to be one of the best, certainly, one of the most unforgettable bundle of days bestowed upon me by God and His generosity. I was able to do a lot of things, things I never thought I would be able to do and things ticked off on my bucket list.

And what’s the best idea to share my experiences in details? A blog.

That is when Life on a Script started. To remind myself each day that I can and just strive to move forward to be better than who I am yesterday. I want to inspire my readers that even the seemingly impossible is surely achievable. Life as we know it may be wearisome but it is you who will decide whether to stay that way or to turn the tables around. 


Definitely about pursuing happiness and contentment in life while being mindful. And of course, taking every step to be the better version of myself. I plan to live intentionally by asking the question why to every action I make.

I may not be an expert to life nor may have the best advice to give. However, I am here to share my mistakes, learnings, encounters and experiences so you will have an insight on how to possibly live your best life. 

If you have some questions, feel free to get in touch with me through my contact pageYou can even send me a direct message at eunice@lifeonascript.com. Get to know me more by following me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.