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Baby Registry Checklist For New Moms

One of the few exciting things about pregnancy, especially if you are pregnant the first time and in your last trimester, is to buy stuff for your coming baby. Those cute little clothes and stuff are sometimes too hard to resist. Then comes the nesting stage where the nearer you are to your due date, the more you want to accumulate these things for your baby and your postpartum needs.

That’s the idea of having a baby registry checklist. It helps you plan and think ahead of time what your baby will probably need during the first year when he or she comes.

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What is a baby registry list?

It is a list of products the baby needs during his or her first year of life, the things needed for the nursery and breastfeeding if the mom plans to breastfeed, and the postpartum care items the mother needs.

There are a lot of stores that offer a baby registry and give discounts to the products you plan to buy if you create a registry in their store. One of the most popular online stores is Amazon ?, Walmart, Target, and Ikea to name a few. You can also check your local retailer/stores if they offer a baby registry program.

Why is it necessary to have a baby registry?

A baby registry checklist is necessary to be able to avoid over-spending and over-accumulation of stuff your baby probably doesn’t need. Plus it saves you time when you start to buy products for your baby since you already know what you need and where you can purchase them.

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It is also useful for your family and friends if they plan to have a baby shower for you so it will give them an idea of what you really want for you and your baby. Of course, you don’t want to receive a bulk of diapers of the same size that your baby is probably just gonna use for a few weeks or a pram that you hate.

When to plan for your baby registry?

Some moms plan their registry as early as 12 weeks or when they already know the gender of their baby. It gives them a clear idea of what they want their nursery to look like and what items they need in the baby’s room.

It is wise to plan as early as possible for your registry checklist so you will be able to budget and even prepare for stores’ discount days when you start to purchase baby stuff.

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How soon can I start to accumulate baby stuff?

It will truly depend on you. We all know that every pregnancy is unique and your baby’s arrival is truly uncertain. However, it is reasonable to start as early as 22 weeks if this is your first pregnancy. It is when the fetus is viable outside the womb.

It would be best to buy just a few baby items if you plan to purchase early while working your way as you get closer to your due date.

When I became pregnant with my first child, I started to plan and build my registry list on my 25th week. However, I started to accumulate stuff during my last trimester. I was able to buy just a few items that I think the baby and I will need during the first month, then we purchased stuff that is needed when the baby arrived.

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So I have listed a few items that you can include to your baby registry checklist and where you can buy some of them.

Baby Clothes

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Baby’s Hygiene



Other Essentials

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