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Best Pregnancy Apps You Should Download

Ever since I became pregnant, I became overly obsessed with information about how my baby is growing and developing; the do’s and don’ts in pregnancy; the best food, diet, and exercise I should have; and the signs and symptoms that I am experiencing. I kept track of everything that is happening to my body and my developing baby.

We are so lucky that we live in an era of extensive possibilities and resources. With the technology that we have today, every information can be accessed right within our reach; that is our smartphones. Many smartphone apps today are created to make our lives easier, healthier and enjoyable. With pregnancy-related applications, it is becoming a must-have if you are expecting a child.


Nowadays, almost every application is easily downloadable and would not even cost you a penny. However, with the number of applications that are readily available, you can easily be overwhelmed with information if you try to download every app on your phone. So I have listed a few of these applications that are very helpful during my pregnancy and hopefully yours also.

Here are my 7 best pregnancy apps that I have downloaded and used on my smartphone.

1. Flo App

This app has been so helpful for me even before pregnancy. It is a period and ovulation tracker that helped me and my husband conceive a child. As you know, our pregnancy is planned and this is the only phone application that I used to track my ovulation. You can read my pregnancy story here.

Flo app gives you a weekly update on where you are and your baby at your pregnancy; a calendar that shows on what week you are in on a specific date; surveys and advice about your pregnancy; and a community for you to interact that is targeted to a specific topic that they provide. It is customizable where you can edit your gestational age and due date according to what your doctor tells you.

They have an easy way to track your weight, sleep, and water intake. Even your sex drive, mood, symptoms and vaginal discharges, and physical activity can be noted through the graphics present on the app. If you have a Fitbit or google fit app, you can connect them to the Flo app to count the number of walks you’ve taken on a daily basis and your nutritional data.

Cons: Limited information about pregnancy and your developing baby.

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2. Baby Center

If you are looking for the best pregnancy app available, Baby Center is by far the best in the digital market that I’ve found; plus it’s free. It has everything you need from expert advice to other mom’s advice. It tracks your pregnancy weekly and gives you insights about the dos and don’ts of pregnancy, breastfeeding, labor and delivery, and recovery from birth, and parenting. Yes, they can tackle almost everything about pregnancy and motherhood through videos, articles, and polls.

Baby Center is an all-in-one application that has tools for different stages. From getting pregnant to pregnancy and baby tools. Focusing on the pregnancy tool, it has a kick and contraction counter; Bumpie (a collection of selfies for every week you are in your pregnancy); a registry checklist; Baby name list; and a video collection of birth classes. In addition, you can also join the community of moms who are in the same term and situation during pregnancy.

Cons: Ads everywhere! And, navigating through the app needs getting used to in order to find the pregnancy tools.

3. Ovia Pregnancy

Just like any other pregnancy app, Ovia Pregnancy App tracks your baby’s weekly progress; your signs and symptoms; your mental health; and your data (ie, weight, mood, sleep, nutrition, bp, activity, and medications). What I like most about this app is it shows you a countdown to your due date.

Bonus: If you live in the United States, you can access your insurer or employer’s data about your health through the app.

Cons: Not as much information available as compared to the Baby Center app.

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4. Amila Kick Counter

Despite being available on the baby center app, I still downloaded this app specifically for counting my baby’s kicks. Why? It is easily accessible. It is also very helpful, especially during your third trimester; counting kicks give a sense of assurance and peace of mind.

You can easily navigate through the app and readily provides a history and statistics of your baby’s kicks. It also gives you advice on when and how to count the kicks and when to call your doctor. You can also count the kicks even when navigating outside the app.

Cons: Not available on IOS. There are a few ads but not totally an eyesore in my opinion.

5. Amila Kegel Exercises

As we all know, pregnant women need to strengthen their pelvic perineal muscles for birth and delivery. Hence, starting early is needed. This app helps you to perform these exercises regularly and correctly.

It includes pulses and classic kegel exercises that increases its level of intensity each day you do the exercise. At the same time, it tracks your progress by level.

Cons: Not available on IOS. There are a few ads but not totally an eyesore in my opinion.

6. Amila Contraction Counter

If your due date is soon coming, a contraction counter is essential to know when the best time to call your midwife or go to the hospital. False contractions can be very common during the third trimester. Thus, it is good to recognize if you are having false labor or true labor. They have detailed information and differentiation of Braxton Hicks contractions (false labor) and true labor.

Cons: Not available on IOS. There are a few ads but not totally an eyesore in my opinion.

7. Facebook

You may wonder why I included Facebook as one of my helpful apps during my pregnancy. Well, the reason for that is the community behind facebook groups. Pregnancy groups on facebook have the most interactive community that I find to be helpful. Although most of the advice that you’ll probably get can be based upon the experiences of an individual and not of someone with a medical background. However, those experiences will give you knowledge of what to expect during your pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Just find a group that totally cares, encourages each member, and does not shame or bully other members.

Cons: Information can be unreliable, overwhelming, and mostly based on opinions.

If you are pregnant right now, what are the pregnancy apps that you use and found helpful? Share on the comments below. 🙂

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