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My First Trimester Story


We are pregnant!

Yes, you read that right! And we’re psyched that in a few months, we will be meeting our little bundle of joy. The very first grandchild of both Gino and my side of the family.

We first found out that a tiny being was growing in me a month before our first anniversary as husband and wife. The both of us were not shocked because this pregnancy was actually planned. And, we were very blessed that our prayers were answered in a short period of time.

First Trimester Story
Two lines on my PT kit was a happy sight for me.

It had to be planned, if we wanted our first child be born on the same day as my husband’s 30th birthday. It is quite amazing to think that he and his mom have the same birthdates. The reason why we (he in particular) wanted to continue the “tradition” that is to become. I’m truly excited on how it will turn out.

Morning Sickness

I cannot say that I had an easy first-trimester nor a difficult one if being compared to other first time pregnant women. I believe every pregnancy is unique, and I can say I had a challenging first three months of pregnancy.

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I experienced morning sickness like those of the 70% of pregnant women. I was skeptical about morning sickness before being pregnant. I thought that new expectant moms were just exaggerating their symptoms because it is the “norm” in pregnancy. I was telling myself that I will not, in any matter, exaggerate my symptoms and try my very best to control them; Mind over matter. That’s it! But I was wrong. Morning sickness is real and totally distressing. If you never experienced it, I envy you!

It was an all-day sickness for me in the morning, midday, afternoon, and in the evening. Heck! An all-day battle. I never missed a day without throwing up, especially on my 9th week. My husband calls it my “death metal” episodes since I was sounding like a lead vocalist of a metal band. Instead of a microphone, mine was a toilet. My husband found it funny in his twisted humor of a mind. However, his humor helped me cope during those awful times of gut-wrenching agony.

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The Trigger

My olfactory senses were heightened. I could smell unpleasant odors all the time similar to the smell of the bio-trash bin that has just been emptied and unwashed. Like it never leaves and sticks to the nose. The smell was disgusting and it intensified with different trigger stimuli that made me threw up day after day.

A few of those trigger stimuli were the smell of body washes, soaps, perfumes, toothpaste, the inside of the fridge, food cooking; the sight of mashed potato and my prenatal vitamins; the taste of garlic and my newly showered husband. Yes, I despised my husband after taking a bath; He repels me.


I was disgusting. I did not want to take care of myself. I hated showers and brushing my teeth because of those stupid triggers. I was unapologetically and voluntarily disgusting. But, my husband had no choice but to endure accepting my lack of hygiene; I repel him.

I was unmotivated and lazy to do the necessary things needed to be done. All I wanted was to stay the whole day in bed, under the sheets. I stopped exercising, except for those times when our group had to go to our weekly badminton game. I did not bother doing household chores, so my husband took care of it. I was not depressed. I was simply not feeling well. Morning sickness almost triumphed over me. Instead, I was not ashamed of what I went through because I am carrying a life. A blessing every woman deserves.

Luckily, I had no strong cravings. My choice of food changes almost every week and I was picky with what I eat. I did not have to wake my husband up in the middle of the night just for him to get me food. Some of my cravings were controllable. Of these I am thankful for.

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Because of my challenging morning sickness, I lost 3 kilograms on my first trimester. That made me panic at first. But I did a lot of reading about pregnancy which enlightened me. Weight loss was natural based on my symptoms and wasn’t a big deal for my doctor.

We were expecting to hear the sound of our baby’s heartbeat on our first prenatal visit. But, because it was still too early and the baby was too small, they did not consider doing it.

But I tell you, until you hear the sound of your baby’s heartbeat, negative thoughts crawl through your mind. Uncertainty is always there and you ask yourself; “Is this normal? Is my baby alive? Is there really a baby inside me? Is everything normal?”. I went through that. And almost every expectant mother does.

The Blessing

Anxiety is real and at the same time relatively normal in pregnancy. When I first saw and heard my baby’s heartbeat via ultrasound, it was heaven in my eyes and ears. I was content, at the same time relieved, and my heart in awe. My anxiety quickly lessened especially when the nurse told us that everything is normal.

I am beyond blessed for having this baby on my belly. And I cannot be thankful enough for what I experienced and are about to experience, however challenging, unpleasant and taxing it is for my body. So just be easy on yourself if you are an expectant mother and sprinkle yourself with positivity and a cheerful attitude because you and your baby needs it.

How about you? How’s your first trimester? Tell me more about it in the comment section.

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