Free Blogging Tools to Increase Website Traffic

I have been blogging for a while now and one of my obstacles is to increase my website traffic. I found out that most tools used to keep your site growing and thriving aren’t budget-friendly most especially when you’re just starting. Owning a website is quite costly, to begin with. Regardless, it did not keep my scrimpy attitude to quit blogging. I did a fair amount of research to have the best free blogging tools available for those who are on a tight budget like most of us.

As I have mentioned in my previous blog; How to blog Consistently, blogging takes considerable time, effort, passion, and perseverance. In order to grow your blog, you have to have a niche that you are passionate about and good to great content that attracts a large audience. Aside from these, to develop marketing skills and use tools to further increase your audience traffic is essential to build domain authority and ranking to produce a site that will compete and be visible to a much diverse audience.

Most bloggers will say that writing is not the most difficult task in blogging. It is true! Rather, it is inviting people to your site, encouraging them to read, and leaving an insight and excitement that will make the readers come back for more.

Most of the tools that I will list in this article will help you increase traffic and potentially grow your blog into business only if you truly dedicate your time and effort. Marketing is a key factor that makes it all possible and is also the most time-consuming.


Here are some of the free blogging tools that I love and personally use that will make your blogging career a tee-bit easier without breaking the bank.


Grammarly (affiliate link) is the best grammar and spelling checker available on the web right now. It comes with a free and paid version. As a web plugin, it not only checks your writing in WordPress but also to other platforms you use, like social media.

The great thing about Grammarly is that the free version is just as powerful and precise as the paid version. It is unquestionable that most bloggers use Grammarly because reading an article that has a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes is unappealing.

Keyword Tool

Right keywords are essential in order for your site to rank in google. That is, making your site or article visible to google whenever they search for a certain topic you are writing about thus increasing your traffic. And an increase in traffic brings more opportunities to your website.

There are a lot of free versions available but with very limited capabilities. But having free ones is better than nothing. Here are some of the free keyword tools that I personally love and use.

  • Keywordtool io – a decent keyword tool for google
  • Ubersuggest by Neil Patel
  • Google Search Bar – easiest and most accessible

I know this article is about free tools but I would personally recommend Keywords Everywhere even if it is a paid tool. At less than $5/month, you are not limited to keyword searches and it is what most bloggers recommend to those who are on a tight budget. It is a good investment to kickstart your blogging career by focusing on SEO which will be beneficial in the long run.

PageSpeed Insights

Your page speed is crucial in making your viewers stay hooked on your site. If you have a very slow loading site, visitors would probably leave even before reading the whole article you wrote. So make sure that your website is at its best loading speed.

PageSpeed Insights analyzes your web page and content and provides suggestions on where you need to optimize to make your site load faster. It is developed by Google and is free.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a plugin you add on your WordPress website. It gives suggestions about your content on where you need to work on more to help you with SEO and keywords you need to focus on. Yoast has a paid version but I would not recommend it as long as you know how SEO works.


Tailwind (affiliate link) would be useful for you if you use Pinterest and Instagram as a platform to market your blog. It is a scheduling application to help you save time and effort to pin pins. Tailwind is not for everyone. But for most niche, they use Pinterest as their number 1 marketing platform and where most of their traffic is coming from.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

The only downside of the free plan on Tailwind is that you only get to pin 100 pins on Pinterest and 30 posts on Instagram without any time limit. Beyond that is the paid plan.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives you the statistics of your website. It shows you how much traffic you are getting and where your readers are from, and so on. These stats are very important to know if your marketing strategies are effective and where you need to improve.

Google Analytics is a must-have for every website.


Canva is, by far, my most favorite tool. It is an online graphic design tool that is very easy to use through its drag-and-drop function. They have readily available varieties of graphics and templates for different social media platforms.

Canva is where I create my pins for Pinterest, thumbnails for Youtube, graphics for my Facebook and blog. The great thing about Canva is, it’s also connected to Pexels and Pixabay where all the royalty-free images can be found, which are very useful for blog marketing.


If you are like me who uses Instagram as one of the marketing platforms but doesn’t have enough followers to enable the swipe-up button, then Linktree is a must-have for you.

Linktree allows you to have as many links as you like in your bio. And they come in pretty designs as well.


Mailerlite (affiliate link) is an emailing tool that helps you automate your emails to your subscribers, create pop-ups, surveys and quizzes, subscriber’s forms, and landing pages for your website. The great thing about Mailerlite is that it is free for your first 1000 subscribers and you are allowed to send 12000 emails per month which is perfect for beginner bloggers.

MailerLite email marketing for small business

Mailerlite is very user-friendly with their drag-and-drop editor, and has a variety of templates for pretty looking emails and pop-ups.

These are the few free blogging tools that I know that may help increase your website traffic. If you know any free blogging tools that are not on the list, please leave a comment below and help a fellow blogger. Thank you!

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