6 Tips on How to Blog Consistently

I wanted to start a blog and write about my life; my thoughts; passion; goals; my day-to-day life ever since I was in high school. However, I feared being bullied by my schoolmates because I was neither eloquent nor great at English grammar. So, I decided not to pursue it.

I had a few bloggers from my own country who I look up to and gave me an idea about blogging and owning a website. Back in 2005, I discovered Friendcircles, a social media platform similar to Friendster, that had a page that offered users to blog/journal. It is a much easier platform to design compared to other blogging websites. So, I made an account and I blogged secretly until the site was turned down.


In 2015, I decided to start blogging again when my then-boyfriend (now husband) and I had such an adventure and for whatever reason, it just felt wrong to keep the story to ourselves. I was determined to pursue blogging during that time that I wanted to make it right from the start. So, I bought a self-hosted domain. I chose Bluehost because they are affordable, credible and their customer service is outstanding. Register at Bluehost here.

Bluehost is one of the top website hosting company known. With a special intro price at $3.95 /month, you can have your free domain name(ie. with or extension) for the first year, 1 click WordPress install, a 24/7 support, and a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with them. I have been with Bluehost from the start and never have I been disappointed with their service.

That is when this website, Life On A Script, started. However, because it is a self-hosted website, I needed to do everything on my own, designing, writing blog posts, sending emails, marketing, and etc. I was overwhelmed with how much I had to learn and the time and effort I have to put into to make this blog successful. Thus, resulted in becoming halfhearted in blogging and barely writing when I just feel like it.

At the start of 2019, I came to know that I was pregnant with our first child. During this time, I found myself becoming curious about blogging again. What’s my reason? I want to be a stay-at-home mom and earn money through blogging full-time. My baby became my driving force to be zealous with blogging.

So, I tried to put in hours to learning through free webinars and courses that I found online, and I joined facebook groups that are very supportive and interactive. I became committed, consistent and focused on my goal: to earn at least a three-figure salary through blogging by the end of 2019.

Fast forward to midyear of 2019, I was able to launch my website once again. Within that six month period, I was able to gain an adequate amount of knowledge about monetization, SEOs, growing subscribers, Pinterest Marketing, and FB ads while working as a full-time caregiver.

You may say that my blogging pace is slow as compared to other blogs out there. On the other hand, I didn’t want to hurry things up during my learning curve that may result in mediocre work. Although this website has not yet reached its full potential, or one may say “successful”, nevertheless, it is progressing.

Blogging takes a lot of work, time and effort. If you are really passionate about making your website successful, you will be willing to sacrifice these things to achieve your goal. Consistency is key to become a successful blogger. Thus, I have listed a few tips that helped me blogged consistently in 2019.

1.Define What Your Dream Life Is Like

When I found out that I am having a baby, it opened my eyes to what my lifestyle will be after having a baby compared to my lifestyle now. I knew then and there that I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom while passively earning money through my blog. This dream drove me insane that I talked about it daily with my husband. It motivated me to learn more and work consistently on blogging.

What is your dream life like? What is your driving force to make you work consistently to reach your goal? Will blogging help you reach the life you are dreaming of? Ask these questions to yourself if you really want to pursue blogging.

2. Never Stop Learning

If you are starting out in blogging, you may have a long way to go. (Sad but true!) Even I myself don’t know everything in the blogging world and I, too, have a long way to go. However, if you are certainly committed to your goal, you should be willing to work your a** off through researching, taking courses and webinars.

If you have money to invest in learning, then that’s better for you. If, however, you are skeptical or financially challenged like me, then there are still plenty of free courses about making your blog grow which will give you enough knowledge to take your blog to the next level.

One of the best learning platform I found is Skillshare. They have bloggers who teach anything about blogging and are experts on creating a website. Well, you can find just about anything you want to learn not just on blogging. Skillshare offers a 7-day free trial if you sign-up on their program. You can even get 2 free months if you sign-up on their premium program.

Blogging norms change almost every year. That is why it is better to be updated with the current trends in the blogging world. What works last year or two years ago might not work now. So it is better to do your research and never stop learning.

3. Have An Accountability Person/Group

When I started blogging again early this year, I told my husband that I am willing to put in effort and time to make money from this blog. I talked about it every single day. So when I started working on it, he told me that he will be my accountability partner to help me blog consistently. An accountability partner is someone who will daily remind, encourage, motivate, tap you on the back if I’m doing well, or a friendly slap on the forehead if I’m being lazy (that’s what my husband usually does!).

So choose someone who is willing to remind you consistently and ask you why you are blogging in the first place. It can be your husband, your friend, or another blogger.

4. Join The Blogging Community

One thing that helped me most in my blogging career is having joined an interactive community of bloggers. It is such a relief to have such a community who are willing help, be able to ask questions and find relevant answers from bloggers who are more experienced than you.

I am blessed enough to have found two blogging groups in facebook that help other bloggers especially amateur bloggers, with almost anything. It is just rare to find such compassionate expert bloggers who are willing to give advice, give their time, or coach the new ones without asking for anything in return. This is one thing that I wished I discovered a long time ago. It would have helped me start early in the blogging industry.

I would definitely recommend these two facebook groups: Blogging with Purpose by The Savvy Couple, and Blogger Education Network by Tracie Fobes. These groups are worth more than a thousand bucks and they are by far, the best blogging group that I’ve been in.

5. Create Realistic Goals

Check your daily to-do list. Are you able to tick-off everything on that list? If not, then you may be creating too many goals that you yourself aren’t capable of attaining. And those unattained goals can pile up, become stagnant, and may lead to becoming unmotivated.

So assess yourself of what you can accomplish. If you can only accomplish three tasks daily, then stick to it. Don’t try to bombard yourself with ten different tasks simultaneously and in the end be overwhelmed. Remember to work at your own pace and learn how to rest in-between, and then work again.

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One good tip that I received about blogging is to set aside at least two hours of work every day or every weekday for your blog. This will give you the momentum to blog consistently.

Have you heard of the S.M.A.R.T. criteria for goal planning? If you haven’t, S.M.A.R.T. stands for; S=Specific; M=Measurable; A=Attainable; R=elevant; and T=Time bound. A self-explanatory abbreviation of what and how our goals should be like. Whether for long-term or short-term goals.

6. Never Give Up

Blogging can be challenging, especially if you don’t have any experience with website building, coding, Html or the technical stuff. However, if you are patient enough to learn and not give up easily, anything is possible. I myself, have zero knowledge or background with website building, but with the help of the courses, webinars, and research I was able to learn how to set up my blogging website. It is feasible, realistic, and worthwhile.

It will be tricky and annoying at first especially if the website you are working on doesn’t appear the way you want it to be. Nonetheless, relax. Take a few deep breaths, distance yourself from the computer for an hour or two, then come back and work on it again. Just be patient and don’t give up.

Blogging progress can be slow for some. You may experience ups and downs, or you may feel that your blog is not gaining ground. However, try to be positive and continue to be consistent. Find alternative ways to make your blog grow through doing your research, ask questions to experienced bloggers and test them out. Don’t quit easily. In the end, your learning and effort won’t be in vain.

Good luck on your blogging career!

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    1. Glad that I’m able to encourage you in some way. All the best on your blogging career and keep hustling! 🙂

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