Pregnancy and Motherhood

How I Manage to Spend Less on Maternity Clothes

Pregnancy is such a wonderful milestone in womanhood. I have dreamt of becoming pregnant since I was in grade school. I adore pregnant women because it’s amazing that they are carrying a life inside their womb. I just think pregnant women look stunning with their baby bumps and stylish maternity clothes. All these I have yearned to experience.

And now, it’s my turn to be pregnant, I was excited to have that “bump”. I am already in my 8th month of pregnancy and I’m loving almost every change my life and body is going through. Except, of course, these mild rashes on my face and neck. Aside from this, I did not need to spend a large sum of money on my maternity needs.

Before pregnancy, I love wearing big loose t-shirts and most of them were from my brother and father. I’ve also had quite a few dresses which I normally wear during winter paired with tights. I also love wearing tight fitted jeans and high waist jeans. However, wearing them on my 3rd month of pregnancy had become quite uncomfortable.

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I was blessed enough that my baby bump started showing in late spring. Meaning, I did not have the need to wear thick winter clothes or jackets nor buy one. So I was able to save a lot from that. I have never had problems with my feet, so I was still able to wear my summer shoes and snickers. The only challenge I had was choosing the right kind of bra from my closet since my bosoms doubled in size. I’m glad that I’ve stacked up a few sports bras and sleeping bras that I am able to wear during my whole pregnancy stage.

Me on my 8th months of pregnancy wearing a secondhand dress I bought before knowing I was pregnant. Not the most flattering. However, it still fits. 😀

But how did I manage to spend less on maternity clothing without compromising my style? Here are my tips.


I revisited my closet and planned.

I thanked God that I did not completely do the minimalist challenge in my closet during my pre-pregnancy life. I did declutter and managed to save a few clothes that I certainly was not wearing before pregnancy but able to wear now. So it’s nice to revisit your closet. Set out what you have in hand and what you can use until your last stage of pregnancy. I did early planning of what clothes I can possibly wear on every trimester.

I watched videos about hacks for pregnancy clothing.

There are a lot of videos on youtube that show different hacks on how to make pre-pregnancy clothes turn into a bump-friendly attire. If you’re ok with stitching and cutting your old clothes and turning them into a new one, then hacks may be good for you. Time to put your sewing machine, tools, and skills to good use.

On a side note, there are Belly Bands? that make it suitable for you to wear your non-maternity pants for the entire span of child-bearing.

I borrowed clothes from my friends and families

I have a ton of friends who had babies before. So I asked them politely if I could borrow their maternity clothes. I was able to borrow 3 pairs of maternity pants of different sizes. Not only that, I was also borrowing my husband’s boxers during my 2nd trimester which I wore whenever I’m at home. During my 3rd trimester, sleeping with just your underwear on is more comfortable than anything else.

Visited/Browsed second-hand clothing stores/online shops

There are a lot of good finds in second-hand stores and even online marketplaces. This is a smart and practical way to spend money on clothes especially if your baby bump will show on the winter months. Rather than buying brand new maternity winter jackets, which are expensive, try looking on 2nd hand stores/online shops. Some items are fairly new or barely used and can even be bargained for at a lower price. You just have to be patient searching for items since they sell out fast and very easily.

I looked for double purpose clothing

Double purpose clothing are clothes which you can wear on different stages of pregnancy until the nursing stage. They’re stylish, somewhat affordable since you don’t have to buy different clothes during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and they last long. Here are some of the items I found where you can buy them.

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Bearsland Women’s Maternity Nursing Tank Tops Sleeveless Breastfeeding Clothes

Ekouaer Women’s Maternity Nursing Top Breastfeeding Tank Top Tee Shirt Double Layer Sleeveless Pregnancy Shirt

I focused on loving my body

Yes, there were days when I definitely felt like s*** as though I was the ugliest and most disgusting creature ever; blame the hormones! But I tried to refocus on my blessing that is my baby growing within me. I thanked God for how my body is adjusting normally to sustain my developing healthy baby. I had nothing to complain about after rethinking and refocusing my efforts on the positive side of life. I accepted my body and started to learn to love it. In kind, my confidence grew. So whatever clothes I put on, I know that I am beautiful.

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