Living the Eco-Friendly Life

And if we only think of ourselves, everything will seem easy to ignore since we may not be there to see with our own eyes the effects of our actions today.

Who says living an eco-friendly life is easy? It never is. I started my journey a few months ago and everything was and still is challenging. I’ve had my share of ups and downs on this kind of lifestyle.

Before I started with this journey, I was ok with everything. Single-use plastics were my thing because they were convenient. It was less doing on my part. I even told my husband once that maybe it is much easier to use disposable tablewares because we just have to throw them away after use. Too much waste, right?

But something changed after I watched Lauren Singer’s video of how much trash she accumulated in 4 years. I was shocked that she just had a single mason jar. And thinking about mine for the last 4 years? I probably need my whole apartment to fit them all. It was horrendous!

That video was an eye-opener for me. I became aware of how our daily decisions of choosing plastic, especially single use plastic can greatly affect our environment, most importantly, our ocean. The earth is currently experiencing global warming and is expected to get worse on the years to come. And I don’t want to be one of the reasons of its downfall.

Since then, I try my best to avoid single-use plastics and I try to minimize my trash every day. Although I still fail and a lot of times I am disappointed with my mistakes. But one thing I learned is that I don’t have to be so hard on myself. Because at one point or another, plastic will definitely come my way. Every single phone, laptop, and even life saving apparatus are most of the time made of plastic. Gladly, the plastic-free campaign is getting popular and somehow people will realize how much it affects our environment right now. And by sharing awareness, we can truly eradicate single-use plastic in the future or even plastic, if possible.

Here are 7 ways to start an eco-friendly lifestyle. Check this link.

One thing about going plastic-free, is that it teaches me to not only think about myself but others as well. You see, saving our planet is not for our own benefit because we are not the ones who will truly suffer the effects and damage of plastics in our ocean, but the future generations: our children, grandkids and the generations down the line. And if we only think of ourselves, everything will seem easy to ignore since we may not be there to see with our own eyes the effects of our actions today.

As of now, we can still enjoy beautiful sunsets or sunrise at the beach, crystal clear blue seas, dive into clear reefs or even smell fresh air. But how about our grandkids and their grandkids? Will they be able to still enjoy and see what we are currently enjoying? Think about it. Think about being in the shoes of our future generation. Are we being mindful of their/our future or are we being selfish today?

I’m up for a clean ocean, too!

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